Stowaway Bed

  • Select Your Own Upholstery Fabric
  • Metal frame with Fold Out Legs

If you are looking to turn a room into a family room without adding a sofa bed, our stowaway beds are a simple and effective solution.

Hidden within the base, the stowaway simply rolls out with easy-to-use handles and pops up quickly. The legs lock into position to create a comfortable additional bed for a child.

Upholstered in a fabric of your choice, we have hundreds of plain and patterned options for you to choose from. View a small selection of our bed and headboard fabrics Here. 

All stowaway bases are finished in the same material as the main base, to ensure a standardised look throughout the room. The addition of a weighted flap on the main base, means the stowaway is discreetly hidden away out of sight.

This product conforms to BS7177 Cigarette, Match and Crib 5 and is suitable for domestic and contract use.

Full information about our bed design and development is available in the download button below.



Available in a range of standard and custom sizes from UK, European and US standards.

Main Bed base – Wooden with internal supports.

Stowaway Bed – Metal frame with fold out legs.

Upholstered in a material of your choice. Comes with a 100% cotton anti-slip top as standard.

View a small selection of our bed and headboard fabrics Here

The bespoke nature of upholstery fabrics ranges from faux leathers to cottons. Each comes with specific clearing instructions passed on at the point of purchase.

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