Primo Choice Carpet Collection

  • Available in a 15 neutral shades
  • Easy to clean
  • Plush luxurious carpet

The Primo Choice carpet collection is a luxurious collection of muted neutral tones. Detailed waving means highlights and wonderful depth of colour are visible, making each colour appear more luxurious and interesting in any room.

Stain Resistant, bleach cleanable and in 15 fashionable heather shades, Primo Choice is ideal for a busy environments.

Made from 100% Luxelle Easy-Clean Polypropylene, the Primo Choice collection is a hard wearing carpet that bounces back from frequent use with ease. It is always recommended that furniture with fine or castor feet use pads to prevent premature pressure markings on any carpet.






The Primo Choice collection is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner, preferably with a beater action for a deeper cleaning.

Spillages should be taken up promptly and surface stains removed using appropriate methods as soon as possible.

Chair pads are required under roller castor chairs to prevent accelerated wear and tear.


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