Lime Wash Table Tops
  • Lime Wash Table Tops

    Our Lime Wash Restaurant Table Tops come 25mm thick and are made from solid wooden ash. Limewashing is a ancient method of painting houses creating a beautiful traditional look. This look has been masterfully recreated on our 25mm thick solid wooden ash table tops

    • Sizes

      Round Square Rectangular  
      600mm 600 x 600mm 1000 x 600mm 1500 x 750mm
      700mm 700 x 700mm 1100 x 700mm 1500 x 800mm
      750mm 750 x 750mm 1200 x 600mm 1600 x 800mm
      800mm 800 x 800mm 1200 x 700mm 1800 x 700mm
      900mm 900 x 900mm 1200 x 750mm 1800 x 800mm
      1000mm 1000 x 1000mm 1200 x 800mm 2000 x 800mm
      1200mm 1200 x 1200mm 1400 x 700mm 2200 x 800mm
          1500 x 700mm 2400 x 800mm