Eco Mattress
  • Eco Mattress

    Have you ever wondered what happens to clothing donated to charity shops that they can't sell, well you might be sleeping on it without even realising.


    The natural mix of different fibres from recycled clothing makes for a superb filling layer, it is dense yet supportive, firm yet comfortable. All clothing is run through an intensive cleaning system and tested to British Standard 1425-1 1991 (2018) specification for the cleanliness of fillings for bedding.


    The Eco mattress is covered in 100% cotton contract crib 5 mattress ticking 'British Standard 7175'. The flame retardant and anti-microbial treatments that we use are produced locally to the manufacturer helping to reduce their carbon footprint. The FR treatment uses green chemistry derived from entirely natural elements and is completely solvent free. It provides a soft handle and is readily biodegradable. Importantly it is ph neutral to protect the physical properties of the material such as tensile and tear strength. This treatment meets all European Legislation in that it is APEO free, Halogen free and non brominated.


    The hard wearing Eco Mattress proves that you don't need to sacrifice quality when buying sustainably, we have a number of our hotel clients still happily using the same mattress after many years.