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What is the Circular Economy

Elite was recently featured in Zero Waste Scotland's Circular Economy Opportunities Press Release. In this article we ask what is Circular Economy and how can we help ourselves, as business leaders and a society do the right thing for our planet.

It is fair to say that Sustainability and the Environmentalism were once thought of as negative, costly words when it came to business but as the world has woken up to the need to reduce our environmental footprint for the betterment of our children’s future and things have started to change. Inspired on by the likes of the Ellen Macarthur Foundation and the World Economic Forum businesses have started to create circular economy business plans.

The Circular Economy approach looks at

  • designing systems to reduce waste.

  • finding viable alternatives to landfill and recycling for waste streams.

  • keeping materials in use for as long as possible.

The idiom “one man's trash is another man's treasure” has never been truer.

At Elite we are re-investigating all our waste streams and thinking about who would benefit from them. Some ideas are simple like sending back excess scrap fillings to be reprocessed into new fillings whilst others are a bit more out the box like giving our left-over fabric to charities who help teach crafts. We are also exploring the possibility of redeveloping the bed to allow fillings to be replaced easier when worn.

We are always looking at ways to divert our waste from landfill and recycling. If your company has any use for textiles, scrap wood, plastics, strips of springs, fillings then please get in contact, alternatively if you have any waste materials that you think would be of benefit to ourselves then we would love to hear from you.

If you are interested a link to the Zero Waste Scotland’s Report can be found here.

Crushed Carboard Boxes from Contract Furniture
Recycling is better choice than landfill but can you do something else with your waste?

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