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New - Woven Fabric for the Care Industry

We are delighted to introduce the new Chieftain Carousel to our fabric library. We regularly receive new books to our fabric library but believe the Carousel stands out for the following reasons.

The new Carousel range by Chieftain which is their second fabric to be launched into the woven market. We highly recommend this fabric to the care industry as it includes both Aquaclean™ technology and Safefront® protective shield.

The Aquaclean technology is a cleaning facilitator which put into plain English means that most stains can e removed using water only without the requirements of other cleaning products. This provides you with simple fabric maintenance in the minimum amount of time.

For a full list of stains Aquaclean can protect against please click here.

Safefront Protective Shield is a protection against mites and bacteria. It is a totally ecological and harmless method of eliminating the presence of mites and bacteria in fabric.

This development incorporates a shield which, in natural way, prevents dust mites from reproducing. These mites cause many allergies. In addition, it also protects fabrics against mites and bacteria, thus obtaining a totally hygienic upholstery material.

We also love that the fabric is made up of 59% Recycled Cotton and 41% Polyester which is important as it gives the large amount of used cotton in the UK a new home to go to.

As with all our fabrics the Carousel is suitable for all contact application with Crib 5 certification & comes with an impressive 200,000 Martindale Rubs.

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