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You spend a third of your life on your bed, so it is important to get the perfect one for you. Where possible, we would recommend you visit us in Glasgow and have a bounce on the beds for yourself. Contact us to arrange an appointment today.

For those unable to visit Glasgow, we recommend reading the detailed product description where we try our best to describe the difference between models. Where you still need help, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

We are so pleased you enjoyed your sleep on our Elite mattresses. Simply give us a call or email and we can confirm the style of mattress you used. It is worth noting many hotels combine our mattresses with a sprung base to enhance your comfort, therefore we may suggest you visit us to try before you buy.

We are continuously updating our product ranges to improve the comfort and longevity of our models, and as a result we do make changes to our collections. If you aren’t sure which model you bought, give us a call and we may be able to help you. We can guide you through our current collections to help find the bed to suit your comfort and support needs.

To help your mattress last as long as possible, we place easy to read turning labels on all of our Elite mattresses. These indicate which way the mattress should be turned on a quarterly basis, helping encourage even use of the surfaces. Always use the handles to turn and if possible, move with another person.

Given our wide range of products and customer types, each of our customers has different preferences. Therefore, details including the level of assembly and installation are confirmed by staff during the order confirmation stage. If you have any specific concerns or aims, please bring this to the attention of staff when placing your order.

Yes, we can install products as required. We provide products to a great range of customers from individual homes to large scale hotels. Each has their own abilities and tools to install products as needed. If installation is something you require, please highlight this with staff during the order confirmation stage where we can provide further details.

We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from with different colours, patterns, finishes and recommended uses. Our sales staff are happy to arrange design schemes and send samples to you for confirmation. It is always best to view fabrics in person if possible, as photographs often greatly vary on a computer screen. Contact us today to arrange a visit to our fantastic fabric library.

All of our product pages feature full dimensions. If a new build, or working with an architect, we suggest asking them to help you with floorplans or scale drawings. This will help you visualize the space you have and how the furniture will fit. If you are working alone, a simple scale drawing can help you ensure products fit into your space.

Industry Legislation Help

FR stands for flame resistant. This means your fabric has been chemically treated to make it safer.

Domestic vs contract legislation varies, with care homes, restaurants and hotels having unique legal requirements, different to your home. Our staff always work to ensure you meet the legal requirements for your needs with FR treatments being confirmed at the ordering stage.


Shipping costs are confirmed at the ordering stage. Our orders vary from a single mattress to dozens of fully assembled wardrobes, therefore shipping costs very greatly. We offer everything from the ability to collect yourself through to us delivering and installing into situation.

We operate in the UK. Additional charges do apply for the Highlands and Islands, due to increased carriage charges from our couriers. Those out with the UK are welcome to enquire, however would be required to arrange their own shipping and accept taxes applicable to their country.

Returns and Exchanges

If you do receive a faulty product, we ask that you contact us directly at Attaching photos and as much detail as possible will help us being the review process. We will then contact you directly to begin rectifying the problem.

There is no set timeline for any refunds to be issues as we review any faulty product on an individual case basis. Once we have determined the cause of damage and confirmed a solution with the customer, we process any returns as soon as possible.

Becoming a Trade Customer

Our trade log in gives you access to our shop now feature. We now offer a small range of products available to purchase straight from our website. This is perfect for those situations where you might find yourself short of a couple of items.

To become a trade member, we need some business information. Please email where you will be sent the application form. This will be processed, and you will receive your unique log in information, giving you access to the shop now feature.

Firstly, we are sorry to see you are having problems with our new website feature. Please contact us directly at, where we will work to instantly update your log in information.