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Familia Cafe & Gift Shop – Case Study

The Story of Familia

Familia is a small to medium sized family run establishment operating in Renfrew. Serving breakfast, light lunch and coffee and cake with a gift shop section for guests to browse. Hosting a range of customers from family gatherings to couples having a catch up providing functional, flexible seating that reflects the family friendly nature of the company was essential. This is why they came to Elite, gaining access to the best performing, affordable, practical materials on the market.

The Idea for Familia

Moving into a new space that was previously retail focused, Familia had a blank canvas in which to build their business. Complimenting their legacy and branding was a key aspect, aiming to create eye catching curb appeal as they opened their new establishment. Their turquoise and blue branding and colourful crockery was a key consideration. Allowing these colours to pop on the backdrop of the tables, while adding complimentary blues to create a cohesive, welcoming space.

More than the colours, Familia had an empty space in which floor planning and layout was key. They opted for booth seating to run along one wall, allowing for movable tables and chairs to be placed as needed to create groups.

Why Familia Chose Faux Leather

The materials selected for this project are all contract specific fabrics. Working with booths is great for space saving, but does mean you have frequent visitors sliding along, scuffing bags and jackets really pushing the booths and fabric to their limits. The Aston faux leather is a great choice for this style of chair. Built for the contract setting, it is in the highest scoring bracket for its rub testing, meaning it can withstand the rigorous use of a busy café. Stain and water resistant it is also easy to clean with common products, helping the team to quickly wipe up crumbs and accidents while keeping the place looking fresh.

The fabulous blue chosen for the booths was contrasted with a darker table top, helping to calm the space and create a neutral surface for their wonderful crockery. Basic black legs were chosen as a practical choice that age well and are easy to clean.

The last ingredient was the chairs. For this, Familia chose the Kenwood Tub chair, in a light teal and grey, and the Nico Side chair with fun blue upholstery and dark wooden legs to match the tables. This provides a functional dining chair and more relaxed armchair, creating different settings within the cafe.

The Results

The final design made the most of this new space, with smart use of booth seating and colours that compliment both the branding, crockery and personal style of the business.

Jackie from Elite had this to say about the project:

“I loved working alongside the clients on this project and balancing the gift shop space with the coffee shop seating areas. I am pleased they are happy with our service and the furnishings provided and would be happy to work with them again on any future projects.”

We are pleased that the Team at Familia are continuing to enjoy their pieces, Nicola at the café said this:

“Highly recommend the service we have received from Elite, Jackie couldn’t do enough to help us. First class 5 star service.”

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