35% of children in Glasgow live in poverty. In the UK, 6% of children do not have a bed to call their own according to a Bernardo’s study. This comes to approximately one child in each UK classroom not having a bed of their own.

The objective of the campaign is to donate 70 beds to children throughout Glasgow. Working with our manufacturing team we are able to reduce the price of a single bed and mattress to just £100. This means we are aiming to raise £7000 in total.

Each bed and mattress will be hand delivered by Elite to individual homes. This will help local children sleep well and comfortably. Sleep is essential to the energy, development and mental wellbeing of children as they mature. Donating beds directly impacts the lives of children.

Beds have always been at the heart of Elite. When our founder, Fred the Bed, started Elite 70 years ago, we were a mattress and bed shop. Since 1954 we have extended to offer a comprehensive range of furniture and fittings.  This year, as we celebrate 70 years in business we wanted to reach out to the community and make a difference. There was a natural alignments between our past and the current and very real issue surrounding sleep in our city.

We have two partners for this campaign. Cash For Kids West Scotland office are connecting us with appropriate groups and helping to allocate beds and mattresses to appropriate families and children. Our other partner is St Mirren Women’s football team. We have been proud sponsors of their team for a few months now, and are so pleased to have their support in sharing the news about the campaign.

Any donations are welcome to go towards the campaign. £100 provides a single bed and mattress, however anything smaller or larger is also happily accepted. We will be shouting out all companies and individuals that donate towards the campaign.

Donate directly through out Just Giving Page – Elite 70 Beds, or call us for more info and to work together on the campaign.


We are so pleased that that after one day we have a bed in the bank already from our kind friend from St Mirren. Thank you very much to Janette.

All support through donating, sharing social media posts and getting in touch with potential contacts for the campaign are greatly appreciated.