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CRIB 5 Explained

What is CRIB 5? 

CRIB 5 is also known as Ignition Source 5.

This regulation relates to furnishings, including beds and mattresses, which must be tested to pass the UK Fire Regulations of 1988.

The tests carried out do not ensure a fabric is entirely fireproof, but ensures they are safe for use in certain environments, were a fire to break out.

Furniture and furnishings within commercial buildings must adhere to these UK Fire Regulations. 

Who Must Follow CRIB 5 Regulations? 

The following hospitality businesses are required to comply with CRIB5 / Ignition Source 5 regulations, meaning they must use “contract” mattresses and beds.


Why Do You Need to Follow the UK Fire Regulations?

The UK government dictates that it is an offence to use any mattresses and beds that have not met BS7177 standards. Failure to use a product that meets these standards, could lead to prosecution in the event of a fire and invalidate your insurance.

How do You Know a Product is Legally Compliant?

Ultimately it is your responsibility to buy products that have passed the appropriate tests. If your business is listed above, you must comply with the following UK Fire Regulations:

  • BS EN597-1 (Cigarette)
  • BS EN597-2 (Match)
  • CRIB 5 – BS7177


a lit cigarette being held in hand

Test 1: BS EN597-1 Cigarette test

For this test, a standardised rig is covered in the material being tested. A lit cigarette is then placed in a crevice of the rig, replicating a cigarette falling down the side of a bed or sofa arm.

The testing team then observe the cigarette throughout the entire burn, to inspect any flames or smoldering. The aim is for no smoldering or flames to appear.

a box of colourful matches

Test 2: BS EN597-2 (Match)

This test is conducted using the same rig as test 1. A lit match is simply held alongside a crevice for 20 seconds.

If no flames arise, and no smoldering appears, the test is considered a success and the material recorded as “no ignition”.


a fire regulation testing CRIB 5

Test 3:   CRIB 5

This slightly more unique test consists of a wooden CRIB structure being built, creating a 5 tier wooden structure. (hence the CRIB 5 name) This CRIB is placed on and against the test fabric.

Lint is placed at the bottom of the CRIB with non-flammable liquid. This is set alight for 10 minutes or until it naturally extinguishes. If still alight after 10 minutes, the test has failed.



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When Are Additional Tests Required?

More extreme testing such as CRIB 7 is required for high-risk environments such as prisons.

More Information

Read the full details of the UK Furniture and Furnishings Fire and Safety Regulations.


Watch a CRIB 5 Test

This short video shows a CRIB 5 Test taking place.



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