Elite have been supplying the UK's most distinguished hotels with our beds for 65 years.


Using our knowledge of manufacturing and materials we specialise in creating wonderful handcrafted beds at affordable prices. Each bed contains a carefully selected range of natural, synthetic and hygienic recycled fillings all chosen to ensure your clients get the perfect night sleep. Our experienced team make sure they put in the same high level of care and attention into each bed that they make.

If you are unsure as to what beds you need replaced please ask us about our bed surveys.

If you have stayed in one of our beds in a hotel and had a great night's sleep, or want to purchase a quality bed direct from the manufacturer at an affordable price then get in touch with our sales team today who will be delighted to show you our range of mattresses and bases.


Made by Elite

“Quality is so important to me, as the last person that sees the mattress before it is bagged ready for delivery I like to take extra care to ensure that everything is perfect. It annoys me when I purchase a product and it comes damaged and I don’t want that happening to anyone who gets one of my mattresses.” - Robert


We want every guest to have a better night sleep at your hotel than they would at home. Just because it is a contract bed doesn't mean it should be basic, we don't skimp on the fillings, using a combination of natural, synthetic materials. We design, manufacture and test our mattresses to ensure they are safe and fully compliant with BS 7177.