As you will know by now, Elite is celebrating 70 years of business this year! This is why instead of the usual Christmas night out, Greg and Betsy decided to treat their team to an overnight trip where we could truly let our hair down, bond and enjoy each other’s company. What better destination than Belfast, just a short flight away, offering amazing attractions and the warm hospitality of its people!

Our trip was packed with fun from our competitive evening at the mini golf, through to sampling Guinness. Our pitstop tour of the city via their tourist bus gave more insight into the complex history of the city! Thank you to everyone who recommended the Crumlin Road Gaol! Although there were a few jump scares, it was enjoyed by all while providing some great photos to remember our time there! Lots of good food through the pubs and restaurants, great pints from the iconic Sunflower pub and then back on the bus to the Titanic Quarter before an evening flight home.


Special thanks also go to our taxi driver Kevin, whose quirky personality added an extra layer of fun to our adventure and helped us navigate the city like locals. If any of you reading this are considering a trip to the capital any time soon, we are happy to pass on his number! See if you can tell the real stories from the jokes he tells…  we aren’t sure if we were able to separate the two.


Of course, no celebration of our 70th anniversary would be complete without acknowledging the unwavering support of our most loyal customers. Some have been with us for over 35 years, standing by our side through thick and thin. Their trust and commitment have provided the foundation upon which we’ve been able to innovate, adapt, and thrive.

But the celebrations don’t stop here! We’re keeping the party going with a showroom event next week and our “70 Bed Campaign,” which is currently accepting donations and will benefit a worthy cause. We’re committed to making this anniversary year one to remember, with more surprises and festivities planned throughout the year.

Finally, we want to express our deepest gratitude to all our loyal customers, suppliers, friends, and family who have supported us on this incredible journey. Here’s to 70 years of excellence, and to many more years of success ahead!